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What are metaphysical services?

These enhancements will strengthen the spiritual connection to your faith or give you a foundation to find one. You will be given a scientific based understanding of spiritual energy. It will answer the questions of how energy flows from the source all the way down to your body. You will learn techniques designed to strengthen your connections no matter your faith. However all examples are catered to a Judeo Christian, Hindu, Buddist, belief system. Angels, Chakras, Kabbalah, and astrology are all interrelated into a spiritual physics program of growth.

About Stirling

Stirling Graham

STIRLING GRAHAM has been a metaphysical minister for fourteen years. He has done extensive research on angelology, the elements, humours of the body, spiritual theory, spiritual philosophy, spiritual geometry, spiritual physics, practical spiritual energy application, protection, demonology, ancient mythology, and the Hermetica. He is also certified as a master crystalogist through Melodies Crystal Healing. He has lectured for graduate students at Michigan State University, Central Michigan University, and at the annual Convocation conference. He was an adviser for student groups at MSU.

He has also studied at and lectured for the Learning Center for Astrological Studies, taught classes at the Blue Raven Bookstore, Coyote Wisdom Bookstore, and the Metaphysical Church of Christ, as well as being a member of the MSU paranormal group.

Frank’s lectures cover topics such as the elements, the humours of the body for energy healing, crystals and stones, herbs, metals, animal totems, the pentagram in relation to spiritual dimensional reality, the angelic hierarchies, the Kabbalah, and astrology.

Course and Service Offerings


Introduction to Spiritual Physics

This six-week course introduces the following topics:

  • The All
  • The Soul/Spirit of the Universe
  • The Four Elemental Energies
  • The Quintessence
  • The Reflective Attributes of the Elements in 1- and 2-Dimensional Reality
  • The Refracted Qualities of the Elements in 3-Dimensional Reality
  • Spiritual, Scientific, and Mathematical Principles that Govern These Realities.

Also included: two live video sessions with the instructors
This course is a pre-requisite for Practitioner Path courses


Practitioner Path

This two semester, fourteen-week course introduces the following schools of thought:

  • Fire: The School of Expression
  • Earth: The School of Substance
  • Air: The School of Interaction
  • Water: The School of Sensitivity

The following topics are also covered:

  • 1-dimensional measurement cycles, 2-dimensional power cycles, and 3-dimensional quality cycles
  • Animal energies and personal/dream totems
  • Spiritual protection and empowerment rituals
  • Chakras
  • Astrological Signs - New and Full Moon Ceremonies
  • Vital Breaths
  • Animal Totems for Each Chakra
  • Auras
  • Color Associations
  • Lucid Dreaming
  • Creation of the Tetrahedron

Also included: two live video sessions with the instructors per semester
This course requires that you complete the Introduction to Spiritual Physics course first

Service Offerings
One, two, and three dimensional protection (beginning, intermediate, and advanced)

Frank offers clearings, cleanings, and banishings (spirit or demonic) on both people and locations.
He consults on all areas of spirituality and metaphysics in general.

Astrological natal chart breakdowns available upon request.

Natal readings

Astrology readings, rune stone readings, angel readings

$ 45 per half hour

$ 80 per full hour

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